WOLF HUNT The population has always been stable for the wolf in our area. This past fall while deer and moose hunting I have determined along with information directly from the Ministry of Natural Resources..... read more

All hunts are pre-scouted. We like to leave the option of fishing combination deer, duck, bear and grouse hunting at the guest�s determination.....read more


High population of bear in the area. 90% success rate for 2008. Average size of bear around 200lbs. Not uncommon to see as many as 3-7 bears in a days hunt.......read more



We offer new comfortable lodging on the south-eastern portion of Ontario's Aulneau Peninsula. 612 miles of prime whitetailed deer hunting habitat that consistantly produces bucks averaging 225-250 pounds in weight with antlers 130 -140 inches as minimum potential shooters!

We have taken bucks in the 180 inch gross score range and I am sure there are some still out there that have never seen a human. Keep in mind that a trophy buck is with-in your means while hunting with us. Our camp access point is crucial and combined with over 30 years of experience trapping, hunting and guiding this vast area  our guests success rate remains high.

From the Whitetail Rut, Waterfowl Migration, earlier season Black Bear hunts to the Upland Grouse hunts. Combining some fantastic fall fishing is always a great option after a successful hunt.






 WATERFOWL HUNTING  the many bays that produce wildrice and harbour species such as Mallard, Teal, Woodduck and Goose.The islands and adjacent shoreline points are frequented by diver species such as Ring Neck, golden eye, Red, Head, blue bill, buffle head and merganser. The sheltered beaver ponds which are a safe heaven for the ducks and geese can provide for some excellent shoots as well. I always look to the northern flight fall migration as an optimum time to hunt here.At the peak..... flocks of waterfowl can nunber in the thousands. Boats will be used to shuttle our guests to the hunting blinds. We provide decoys and bird cleaning.

 DEER population's remain strong in our area. Next to "no human activity". We have exclusive hunting access to specific lands. (Over 12,000 Square acres of land) Sections of the Aulneau Peninsula (WMU 7A) which are bow and muzzle loader hunts only and rifle zones as well. (WMU 7B-9A)

You can be assured that no other hunters in the local Nestor Falls / Sioux Narrows /Morson / Lake of the Wood's area will hunt our area's. Hunt with us and you will not bump into other hunter's. The more accessable area's will be overwelmed with deer hunter's. Our area has become renouned for it's Boone & Crocket Trophy Buck potential. Every year we will take 2 or 4 deer ranging from 250# up to 330# (big bodied).

Still hunting from a ground blind o rtreestanding is a common hunting method that we use. Scouting preparation is our priority! We can accommodate up to (6) hunters per group. We have established long standing mineral sites and have also run several baiting area's.