WESTERN ONTARIO DEER HUNTS Hunting the undisturbed wilderness territory of Ontario, Canada . Our long lived scouting ability and knowledge of the land set us apart from the others... read more

FISHING VACATION Lake Of The Wood's provides a wide variety of species to fish for such as, crappie, walleye, lake trout, bass, northern pike, perch and muskie. Our camp Location is accessed via boat. We offer outfitting and guided trips.....read more


A long time deer hunter who has hunted for only trophy buck all of my life. Hunted with Gerald the past couple of years, with our group having great success. Our group has taken several buck and we enjoy the freedom of hunting were "we are the only hunters"......read more


Lake of the Woods is an enormus body of water, around 951,300 acres in size. There are over 14,000 islands scattered thru-out the lake and near 52,000 miles of shoreline. Our cabins are at the north-eastern shores of Sabaskong Bay which provides for a well sheltered safe haven for boaters and anglers. Noted as a premier Canadian muskie fishing destination. Known to consistantly produce good numbers of fish in the 40 to 50 inch range and not uncommon to boat over a 50 incher!

Lake Of The Wood's has some of the best walleye fishing in Canada. We are in the center of the walleye's migration, come spring, summer, fall. These fish make for the best fish fry fillets! I have eaten walleye from many different fly-in lakes and the Lake Of The Wood's / Miles Bay walleye taste cannot be surpassed. The cool, stained coloured water with it's diverse eco system and rock, weed structures provides the ultimate habitat & conditions for the natural stock of fish in the lake to thrive.

Northern pike can be found most everywhere especially taking a liking too the shallow weed bed's, mud bottom and rock shoals within Burrow, Obabikon, Miles & Sabaskong Bay's. Whitefish Bay being a consistantly deeper area of water finds the pike in deep weed beds up to 60 feet of water. Jigging spoons, trolling and using the 3/8 ounce jigs tipped with a large sucker minnow works great for fish averaging 30 to 45 inches. Casting the shorelines will yield dozens of these toothy critters each day. Being a 2 mile boat ride from our lodging (just follow the shoreline) this area is very "fishing friendly" to our guests, with many windbreaks and only basic navigational skills needed it provides some of the very best pike fishing in Canada! 

You can find the smallmouth bass as part of a mixed bag while fishing for other species at anytyime during a given day. Targeting them after the spawn come mid to late June provides outstanding shallow water casting and tubing action. Near by Crow Lake provides a unique fishing experience by "site fishing" them in it's crystal clear waters. Perfect for fly fishing sports. The largemouth bass are found abundantly up in Whitefish Bay. Average size is 2 lb to 4 lb. We find them primarily on the shallow mud, weed flats with logs, usually adjacent to deeper waters. In an average day fo bass fishing you could expect to boat as many as 50! Fishing all local bass tournaments keeps me up to date in regards "Bass" and what both types of bass are hitting on.

Our camp location is no mistake.....we built here for a purpose and that is to be in the optimum prime fishing & hunting area!

With over 30 years of experience fishing Lake Of The Wood's we provide guide / boat day fishing trips. We also have several nicely equipped rental boats. I am always open to sharing my knowledge of the lake and the fishing techniques with the guests that are do it yourself.

Some smaller lakes nearby that we can access for some very good fishing.We can also arrange day fly-in trips from our camp, at your request.

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