Whitetail Reports

Great population of deer this year. The group of (2) hunters have had 5 shot oportunities at 120" to 150" class bucks. ... read more

Bear Hunt Reports

August 1, we started our bear baiting here on Lake Of The Woods and the Aulneau Peninsula. With (6) baits in place and (6) more to be set we are ready for our first ....read more

Fishing Reports

Walleye and crappie are closer to their fall holes. Although they are not there yet fishing is still semi awsome....read more


Here is a list of frequently asked questions. Click on the links below to view the answers. Have a question? We always happy to hear from you if you have a question please use our contact form and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

What type of gear do we need to bring for fishing walleye?

A 6' semi stiff graphite rod with a reel of your choice that can accomadate 100 feet of 6 to 10 lb mono fishing line. Some people prefer ultra light combo rod and reel.

For casting or trolling I like a 7'stiffer graphite rod with 8 to 12 lb test fishing line on a bait casting reel.

Jig heads from 3/8 ounce to 1/4 ounce are common. Flat colours of black, orange,pink and green are good in the mid summer months. Glow jigs and chartreus colours are used in spring and fall.

Lures that resemble a baitfish and can be of a wide variety of colours are best. eg. crank baits, walleye diver, rapalla.

Is a rifle scope suitable for deer hunting in the thick brush up there?

In some situations a scope may be to the advantage. If still hunting were open area is prevalent. ( near a swampy or grassy area, on a ridge or tree stand that may allow for open pockets).

Open sights on a rifle or a shot gun is aways a good bet. The terrain is very rugged and you will be hunting in the bush. Line of sight can be resricted and your view obscured. Muzzle loaders with open sight as well as bow hunting can be a good choice

How do we get to your location?

From the state of Minnesota to its northern border with Canada there are two crossings commonly used. These border crossings are Baudette, Minn. and International Falls, Minn.

Crossing at International Falls, Minn. into Canada will bring you to the town of Fort Frances Ontario, Canada. 65 miles north of Fort Frances, Ont. driving highway 71 north will get you to Nestor Fall's, Ont. This is were we access Lake of The Woods,Crow Lake and other attractions.

Crossing at Baudette, Minn. into Canada will bring you to Rainy River,Ont. Following highway 11 east 35 miles and you will come to highway 71 junction. Take hwy 71 north 35 miles and you will be at Nestor Falls, Ontario, Canada.

When do the northern flights of ducks stop to feed in your area?

Over the years we have found that these ducks will stop to feed in intervals or waves thru out the fall months. The first flight of northern ducks are usually seen when the leaves change to their full bright yellow colour.(in or around 20-Sept. to Oct.-2). Two or three more waves of ducks heading south for the winter can be expected up until the time of the lake actually freezing. The last fight will often consist of fatter, bigger and more mature ducks. Each flight will have an amount of ducks that number in the tens of thousands. Alot of these ducks will stay out in the big open water of Lake of The Woods. Because our particular area Sabaskong Bay, is made up of so many wild rice bays we enjoy a large amount of ducks coming into feed.

In the past five years we have noticed a change in our regional climate. This has effected the times when the ducks will fly south. Adapting to these changes is what allows us to continue enjoying a great duck hunting season.

Q5. When does your whether get warm and how long will it stay warm?

Our whether in Northwestern Ontario Canada will start the warming trend in the month of May. All snow will be melted away and most lakes will be completely clear of ice. Warm days in the 60s to70s will be on us around the beginning of June. Near the end of June to the end of August is the time for summer pleasures.eg. swimming, skiing etc. The temp can reach the 100s at times. September remains very comfortable. Nearing the end of this month will usually bring that sence that fall is in the air

Q6. What personal clothing & gear do we need for our trip

light weight rain suit
* 1 to 2 complete changes of clothing
* 1 pair jogging clothes and slippers for in the cabin
* 1 extra pair shoes
* 1 light weight jacket
* 1 light pair jersey gloves
* 1 hat
* 1 sweatshirt
* 1 flashlight (small)
* 1 camera and film (disposable is best)
* 1 can bug repellent for 2 people
* 1 small first aid kit per group with Band-Aids, aspirin, antiseptic cream and gauze and tape
* sunglasses and sunscreen
* 1 roll duct tape per group (fixes about anything)
* personal gear
* mosquito coils This is a list of suggested food items.

Your preferred foods.

1 box cold cereal
1 small plastic jar creamer
1 small box sugar (or packets)
1 small box powdered milk
1 small plastic container Tang
1 box complete pancake mix
2# regular grind coffee
6 packets pre-sweetened Kool-aid
1 small box tea bags (if desired)
1 small plastic jar ketchup
1 small plastic jar mustard
1 small jar pickles
1 small squeeze bottle lemon juice
1 small jar mayonnaise
1 large box cookies
1 package tube soda ers
1 plastic jar peanut butter
1 can jam or jelly
1 plastic bottle syrup
1 small box potato buds
1 small box rice
3 boxes shake & bake or similar fish breading
1 box spaghetti
2 packages spaghetti sauce mix
2 boxes macaroni & cheese
1-4 liter plastic jug cooking oil
1 small picnic pack salt & pepper spices
(suggest garlic salt, seasoning salt, lemon pepper cayenne pepper)
1 box hamburger helper
3# ground beef
4 steaks
8 pork chops
2# lunch meat
1-2 packages hot dogs or brauts
3# bacon
1# sausages
1# cheese slices
1-2 gallon milk
2 dozen eggs
2# margarine
4 loaves bread hamburger buns hot dog buns
1 head lettuce
2 plastic jar salad dressing
5-10# potatoes
2# onions
4 cans vegetables
4 cans fruit
4 cans baked beans
1 can s (if desired)
2 cans chili or stew or soups
4-roll pack toilet paper
2-roll paper towel
1 box wood stick matches
1-12 heavy garbage bags
1 small bottle dish soap
1-25 foot roll aluminum foil
1 bar hand soap
1 box mosquito coils
1 package disposable dish cloths

Q7. What type of terrain will our deer hunts take place in?

The land scape of our area consists of thick brush, clear cuts, old cuts, ponds, swamp & bog, creeks and woodlands. It has alot of hills and rock faces that can make a stalk hunt very challenging. Not only because of the rugged terrain but also the thick under brush. These bucks get big when they cannot be found!

This is were the scouting by the guide becomes invaluable. We will locate the areas that best accommodate a tree stand or ground stand, putting the hunter in prime buck territory and having the most opportunistic vantage point.

We also ultilize several baited locations that are a permanent and are frequented by that particular deer population.


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